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Asian Cobras, often called Spectacle Cobras because of small markings on the back of their hoods resembling a pair of spectacles, seldom reach lengths over six feet.  Their hoods however are much larger than their cousin, the King Cobra.  The coloration on the upper body ranges anywhere from light fawn to black whereas the under belly and side of hood are usually pale-yellowish or cream sometimes with darker bands or markings.


These Cobras are most commonly found in central to eastern Asia as their name indicates.  This includes east India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.  Within these regions these snakes will stick mainly to the grasslands, open forests, and the savannah.  It also is mostly attracted to human areas or anywhere there is an abundance of mice and rats.


Like most snakes the Cobras diet consists mostly of small mammals particularly rodents.

Venom & Bite:

The Asian Cobra contributes to thousands of deaths per year in India alone, but will seldom attack unprovoked.  If death does not occur a serious bite can lead to permanent damage by destruction of tissue of loss of finger or limb.


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